Looking for assistance in managing your finances as well as money-saving tips? Then check our Snoop app and the reviews to see how it works and why it will assist you in getting your financial life in line. The Snoop software is extremely simple to use and takes a very little setup. It’s wonderful for budgeting and saving money, and it’s great for keeping track of your finances. Many of the functions are available in other budgeting programs, but Snoop is definitely worth investigating. And it’s completely free. snoop official website


Snoop- Company Overview

Snoop was created in 2019 by former Virgin CEO Jane-Anne Gadhia and ex-Managing Director John Natalizia. It released its money-saving app in April 2020 and bills itself as “a sophisticated robot that can help you spend, save, and live smarter. Snoop has three major goals.

  • Incorporates all of your accounts into one spot, making it easy to monitor what you’re spending and on which card.
  • It generates a personalized list of methods for you to save money.
  • Checks and alerts you if you are overpaying for payments and purchases.

Snoop is intended to provide a unique experience for each user. The software is continuously updated and uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to learn from each of its users’ behavior


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Name of Platform

Snoop is an app available for both Android and Apple that helps you to keep a closer check on your finances and provides advice on how to save money.  Snoop is a new type of app that is supposed to save you money, according to their official website. Snoop links to your bank accounts and credit cards, displaying ways for you to save money where you currently spend. Snoop also provided the opportunity for consumers to monitor their accounts online in late 2021. That means you may access your account from a desktop, laptop, or tablet as well. Once set up, you’ll need to connect to your bank(s) via open banking, which the Snoop app will assist you through. Once set up, you’ll need to connect to your bank(s) via open banking, which the Snoop app will assist you through.


Type of platform

Snoop connects to your bank accounts and credit cards via open banking, producing savings recommendations based on your spending habits. Open banking is a safe technique that allows third-party apps to access your bank account information without knowing your login credentials. Because permissions are read-only,’ your money is never at danger.

It’s always a good idea to figure out what’s in it for the firm providing ‘free’ services. In the instance of Snoop, they sell data on your purchasing patterns to uncover trends. It may seem a little terrifying, but this data should not be linked to you. Snoop will also offer things that would help you save money. Of course, Snoop may get compensated for some of these goods.

Basic Information

As mentioned above, Snoop was created in 2019 by former Virgin CEO Jane-Anne Gadhia and ex-Managing Director John Natalizia. The organization has approximately 3 million customers and processes 300 million financial transactions every day worth £32 billion. Snoop app, has secured £15 million in a series of investment rounds, giving the company a post-money worth of £47 million. The app employs open banking and analytics to assist consumers in identifying and implementing the most significant money-saving options in their budgets. The new funds will be used to accelerate product development and worldwide growth initiatives.

Snoop is keeping a close watch on the “loyalty penalty,” which costs British customers more than £12 billion every year. To put it in context, Snoop hopes to save each household an average of £1,500 every year. Snoop, a spotter of bad bargains, low-value renewals, and wasted subscriptions, then suggests alternatives to save money.

Snoop functions similarly to other budgeting programs such as Emma and Money Dashboard. However, it does contain a few unique features, such as the ‘Discount code finder. The following is a list of all of the features presently available in the Snoop app.

  • Access all of your accounts from a single screen by viewing all of your accounts in one spot.
  • Monitor your expenses and savings – Snoop maintains a close check on your expenditure and makes suggestions for savings when feasible.
  • Monitor your rewards to stay on top of them and find opportunities to earn more.
  • Change to a better energy deal – energy switching offers are available straight within the app.
  • Snoop’s mobile and broadband analyzer can assist you in switching and saving money on your phone and broadband bills.
  • Credit card checker – Verifies that you are not being overcharged for credit card fees or that you are not losing out on rewards.
  • Snoop will check to see if you can save money on insurance on an annual basis
  • Voucher code spotter – Use the voucher code spotter function to find the most recent discounts.
  • Mortgage checker Is an automated check to verify whether you’re getting the best price possible.
  • Spending categorization entails categorizing your spending so that you can keep track of it.
  • Bill tracker – keep track of your bills and ensure you’re not paying more than necessary.
  • Weekly and monthly expenditure summaries allow you to see precisely where your money is going each week/month.
  • Daily balance notifications – daily updates that allow you to identify suspicious transactions.
  • Get updated about forthcoming transactions throughout the week by looking ahead.


Unique features offered


Snoop is forming a Snooper community in which everyone helps one other to be better off – both within and outside of the App. You may interact with the snoop community and your fellow Snoop Troopers in a variety of ways, including contributing your own money-saving Snoops and joining their SnoopSpace forum. They are also out in the community, collaborating with partners in areas where Snoop can make a genuine difference. At Snoop, they want to support and collaborate with people throughout the UK who are working to support those who are struggling financially. Here is some information about the current Community Partners.

  • Scotcash- This Glasgow-based social organization provides small loans and financial counseling to people throughout the United Kingdom. They are collaborating with Scotcash to provide Snoop’s customized money-saving ideas and suggestions to their consumers, in order to help them stay on top of their finances.
  • Financial Inclusion Group North Staffordshire (FIG)- This organization collaborates with several partners in the Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme regions. It provides money management and debt guidance to anyone in need of assistance with their finances. Snoop assists FIG by delivering a free and simple digital tool to FIG’s clients.

Snoop allows you to see all of your transactions in one location and gives quick and easy ideas on how and where you can save money. It’s a cool app that may help you simplify your finances and find possibilities to save money, but those who are serious about managing their finances should check out Emma.

Specific rules for the platform.

Snoop connects to your bank accounts and credit cards via open banking, generating savings recommendations based on your spending habits. Open banking is a safe technique that allows third-party apps to access your bank account details without knowing your login information. Because permissions are ‘read only’, your money is never at risk. This means it cannot view your login details and can only see your expenditure statistics. Snoop does not have the authority to transfer funds from your accounts on your behalf. The Financial Conduct Authority has registered and regulates Snoop.


When you register, you select a security PIN that you must keep private. In some cases, Snoop will be able to assist you in resetting it if you forget it. Snoop never asks for the security PIN, so don’t give it to anybody, even if you think they work with Snoop. If you activate biometric capabilities on your device (such as fingerprint or face recognition), the Mobile App may utilize them to grant you access. You must have downloaded the Mobile App in order to safely log in to the Web App.

It is critical to keep any login data private, just as it is with any service that has your financial information. Snoop ensures that your Snoop security details are not available to third parties and are transferred over secure and efficient ways. If the device on which the Apps are installed or accessed is lost or stolen, or you fear that someone else knows your security PIN, Snoop will assist you in changing your security PIN right away. In case of emergency, you can e-mail them through


As the Snoop was released in April 2020, it only has 11 ratings on the independent review site Trustpilot. 9 of them are 5/5 stars, with customers describing Snoop as a ‘gamechanger’ and ‘one of the greatest personal money tracking applications out there.’ The two unfavorable reviews are from users who are hesitant to submit their banking information into the app and who lack faith in the data’s security; nevertheless, Snoop explains why Snoop is safe to use here. Snoop also has a 4.6 out of 5.0 rating on iTunes, with over 1,900 reviews. Users praise aspects such as the ‘Snoops’ as extremely beneficial. The negative reviews, albeit there aren’t many, claim that users were thrown off of the app.

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