Tally is a non-fiat digitized bank account in which all of your assets are stored in solid gold. Users are given a UK bank account and a MasterCard debit card, allowing them to make transactions without paying foreign exchange costs as their cash swings in line with gold prices.

Tally is a wonderful alternative to cryptocurrency or fiat-based bank accounts for those looking for something different. It is, therefore, it isn’t without danger, as with any investments.


What is Tally?

Tally Ltd is the creator of Tally, a savings and payment platform as well as physical asset money.

Tally Ltd, formerly known as Lionsgold on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM marketplace, is a commercial entity that plans to relist in London as part of its commitment to real monetary democratization. As a result, consumers will not only have an option in the common currency they spend, but they will also have the opportunity to own a piece of the company that runs the savings and payments network and is committed to offering a good sum of funding throughout the globe.

Path for introduced

When Bitcoin first appeared in 2009, it compelled policymakers to realize that non-government-issued assets must always be legally defined as a medium of exchange among law-abiding persons in a free and open society. Cameron Parry, the CEO, and Founder of Tally was one of these citizens.


How are you involved?

Tally uses the Tally money, which is equivalent to one milligram of gold.

The following is how it works:

  • Install the app and create an account. It’s a simple and quick procedure. You’ll need your identification.


  • To fund your account, purchase Tally. You may send a money transfer in pounds straight from your traditional bank accounts to your Tally fund, and it will be exchanged promptly.
  • Purchases and cash withdrawals are both possible with MasterCard. Within a few days of creating the account, you will receive the card, which you may use in the UK or overseas.


Cost of Tally

Tally charges a single monthly fee of 0.1 percent of your outstanding savings. In effect, this implies that if you have £1,000 in your Tally bank, you’ll be billed £1 every month. This also includes storage and insurance for the gold.

You’ll be billed half price if you have upwards of half a million Tally (about £18,500 at the moment of typing) (0.05 percent).

Depositing money into your Tally profile, using the card, and withdrawal money from an ATM (in the UK and overseas) are all completely free. Withdrawals from ATMs are restricted to £250 per day.


Add Participants

A typical bank account would seldom give such rates of interest, and this is on top of any price increases that your gold may see. Because your investments are connected to a real item, this is a sure-fire strategy to combat inflation. In the past 5 years, gold’s worth has nearly doubled when compared to sterling.

The problem with the savings account is that it is only available to a limited number of people. Tally requests that anybody interested register their participation and wait to be contacted when capacity becomes vacant.

Tally also offers simple entry safes, which allow you to save some Tally currency for up to three different investment goals and retrieve it at any moment.



Pros & Cons


  • It’s a very inexpensive and customizable opportunity to invest in gold.
  • It’s simple to set up, and then you can do it all from the application.
  • By using MasterCard in the UK or overseas, or withdrawing cash, incurs no further charges.
  • You may make more money on your funds than you would in a typical savings account.
  • The FCA has granted us a certification.



  • You will lose money if the value of gold falls.
  • Some more complex banking features, such as setting up direct debits, are not currently accessible.


What is the procedure for using Tally?

When you create a Tally account and make a payment, the money is translated from pounds to Tally, the app’s native currency. You will then have access to the relevant functionalities:


As previously stated, all payments are immediately transformed into physical gold using the worldwide gold wholesale cost, referred to as Tally. The London Bullion Market Association, a worldwide authority for valuable metals that ensures ethical and quality requirements are maintained, has validated each unit of Tally as being similar to one milligram of gold. You may use your Tally card or the Tally app to redeem your Tally.


Funds sent to a regular bank account will be converted from Tally to the appropriate currency instantly.


You may use your Tally as virtual money online or in person, with no additional currency exchange costs or mark-ups.


Your Tally card entitles you to free cash transactions at cash machines, independently of currencies.


Safety of Tally

While your gold is housed in safe vaults in Switzerland, Tally also insures against the robbery, loss, or destruction caused by fire or even other environmental catastrophes. This is all captured and delivered to you when you establish a Tally account.

Money with a conscience

Tally is dedicated to ensuring that cash and finance are conducted ethically. Here are a few examples of how we provide an account that safeguards and rewards you, the consumer, rather than banks.



Tally tackles the number one concern for customers in the conventional bank: the falling value of digital currencies, by inventing a new type of currency.


Your deposit is safe with us since we are a full-reserve banking platform. Tally never borrows against your money, loans them out, or invests them. Your money is always in your hands, and you have complete control over it.


Tally’s cost structure is straightforward and reasonable. It’s one percent every year. There are no fees or charges when you shift funds around through Tally, so there are no extra charges or costs whether you deal at home and around the world.


The cash in your Tally wallet is genuine physical gold that has been vaulted on behalf of Tally clients and is advantageously held by them. Because the cash in a Tally Account is not floating currency, it is not covered by the FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme).


For whom is Tally Money suitable?

This is a challenging question to respond to. Tally’s concept is to minimize the volatility character of digital currencies by tying your cash to a physical object. However, the worth of resources fluctuates, and while gold has traditionally done well and gained in value, you may experience the impacts more acutely in your nation of residency if it falls in value. It’s because, in practice, if the pound depreciates, your day-to-day living expenditures will remain unaffected. After all, the whole country will depreciate along with you.

Tally appears to be a decent alternative for gold investors, and like any investment, it really should be approached with the understanding that the value of the asset might go up but also decrease.


The overall idea of Tally Money

Challenger banks are becoming more common, and Tally is one such them, with a Tally app for maintaining your money and a Tally debit MasterCard for conducting payments and withdrawing funds. Tally, on the other hand, is unique. This is because when you deposit money into your Tally account, you’re saying bye to fiat money and replacing it with genuine gold stored in a safe Swiss vault.

This implies that instead of your money varying in value according to the value of the pound sterling, it will change as per the value of gold in your Tally wallet.

Of course, like any trade, there are risks involved; but, if you compare the cost of the pound to the gold price over the previous 40 years, this method would just have served you well.


Tally Ltd also owns substantial stakes in fintech, gold mining, and exploration firms. This includes a large stake in Railsbank Technology Ltd, a provider of banking platforms. In terms of gold mining and exploration, the Firm owns a 22 percent stake in Geomysore Services India Private Limited, a renowned Indian gold exploration, and mine development firm. Tally Ltd also has a stake in gold exploration and production in Finland through its 32 percent holding of Kalevala Gold Oy, a Finnish joint venture.

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