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What Does Matrixport Do

What Does Matrixport Do?

Inside the Matrixport platform, clients can invest, trade, earn, and lend crypto easily and in a legitimate, trustworthy manner.

This article includes what;

  •           What exactly is Matrixport?
  •           Services of Matrixport
  •           Investing procedure
  •           Earning procedure
  •           Trading procedure
  •           Matrixport loan
  •           ETH 2.0 Staking 


What exactly is Matrixport?

Before going through the services done by Matrixport, it is essential to know what Matrixport is. It’s a financial service platform in one of the fast-growing cryptocurrency markets. Headquartered in Singapore, Matrixport operates in over 40 countries with about 300 institutions and also owns over $10 billion in assets and around $ 5 billion in monthly trading volume. It is popular among the new generation due to its high flexibility and easily manageable technologies such as transactions through DeFi protocols.


Services of Matrixport

Matrixport manages over 13 crypto financial products and supports over 60 cryptocurrencies. Some key functions are providing offers to invest crypto, allowing investors to earn interest, allowing trade services, and lending crypto. Let’s see in detail what Matrixport does under its main functional procedure. Making investing procedures easy for its customers, Matrixport also has introduced some apps such as Curve, Compound, and Aave, through which APYs of up to 25% can be achieved within seven days. It was found that most of the Matrixport clients hold around one USD million worth, which can be called as high net worth clients. It may be due to the high amount of crypto financial services provided for the clients.

Investing procedure

Matrixport provides various investment services to attract a new generation of crypto investors. Some of them are ‘Dual currency service,’ ‘SharkFin service, ‘and ‘Range Sniper service,’ in a way that investors can choose the best one according to the risk level they can bear and the return they require.  

Dual Currency is one of the most popular as well as the riskiest investment pathways among them. Because of the double-digit annualized yield, the yield is secured at the time of purchase. About 70% yield is generally provided without considering the market’s volatility. The other unique thing is that, depending on the threshold, ‘Linked Price,’ the yield will pay either in Bitcoin or USD with a floating return.

SharkFin investing service also gives investors a guaranteed yield with a defined return profile. And the ‘Range Sniper service’ will enable investors to have earnings with a high rate of return when a predefined price range is given to Bitcoin trade. Comparatively, the risk is lower in these two methods than dual currency pathway.

Trading with Matrixport

Earning procedure

As the name suggests, Matrixport earning procedure allows investors to generate a yield from the ideal holdings of their cryptocurrency accounts. Hear also being flexible requirements of the clients; there are several possibilities to select. Fixed income, Flexi saving, Smart pool, and DeFi intelligence are some of them. However, a withdrawal fee that varies from asset to asset is charged when withdrawal occurs.

In fixed income service, yields are given by locking up deposits for periods. That allows Matrixport to invest customer holdings in spot leverage products, Credit funding, zero interest loans, and collateralized loans. In this procedure, attractive interests are given to the account holders. For example, stablecoins like USD coins yield up to 30% per year, altcoins 7% yield per year, and Bitcoin and ETH yield up to 3%. Hear the interest rates are usually static.

Flexi Saving works the same as the fixed income service with only a few slide differences. There is no lock-up period in the Flexi savings procedure so that investors can withdraw their funds at any time, but the interest rate is slightly lower than the previous. And also, the interest rate is dynamic depending on the supply and demand factors.

Smart pool service places deposits into various DeFi protocols like Curve, Swerve, etc. There is no lock-up period, so withdrawal allows at any time, and compound interest in provided. Matrixport can ensure stable yields ranging between 5% to 25% per year. DeFi Intelligence service is similar to the smart pool pathway; the difference is DeFi intelligence pathway allows investors to gain exposure to liquidity mining.

For the services provided, a service fee is charged. For Flexi saving, it is 5%; for smart pool, it is 10%; for DeFi intelligence, it is 10%. Also, DeFi protocols charge a network fee.

Trading procedure


This procedure allows clients to buy Bitcoin and nearly 60 alternatives with zero commission. Increasing the investors’ flexibility, this process provides the ability to act immediately on price movements. However, a transaction fee is charged when transactions using debit or credit cards. The cost is generally at the rate of about 3.5%.

Matrixport loan

Also, the Matrixport platform offers similar services to other crypto loan sites and provides ‘Zero Cost Loans.’

Also, Matrixport offers similar services to other crypto loan sites is beneficial for the customers as they can have instant approval to take out loans backed by their holdings, sometimes with a competitive interest rate. The security for those loans is ensured by bank-grade security.

‘Zero Cost’ loans are interest-free loans with no liquidation risk. These loans cannot be paid until the given timeframe has ended.  

ETH 2.0 Staking 

The most recently launched new product for investors is ‘ETH 2.0 staking earn’ (Ethereum 2.0 staking), which allows investors to participate with the law threshold and earn yields through Ethereum lock-up rewards. Returns between 3% to 10% can be made per year. DeFi-based platforms, including Curve and Lido, can benefit from lower transaction fees and flexible lock-up periods.  

Crypto tokens

Bottom Line  

Matrixport is one of the platforms for crypto exchange which provides investing, earning, trading, and obtaining loan functions. With the facilities offered, such as transactions through an app and allowing trade with similar crypto sites, Matrixport has become a very convenient and flexible platform for investors. Also, high security for the transactions has built up clients’ confidence.

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Now you know what Matrixport do, you can check out how to trade with Matrixport.

How to trade on Matrixport?


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