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Chip offers a select range of funds for the Chip Invest and ChipX account. A special feature that Chip offers which many other brokers doesn't is the ability to invest into alternative investments such as wine or artwork.

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Product Overview

Chip was founded in 2016 and is designed to help make saving money as easy as spending and offer an easy and convenient way to invest.

Chip is an automatic savings app that connects your current account through open banking. It uses complex algorithms to establish how much you can afford to save and then places that cash in a savings or investment account on your behalf.

By automating savings/investments, Chip allows you to consistently build up a pot via small contributions (round-ups) from your day-to-day current account.

Chip is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority & is part of the FSCS scheme.

In this Chip Invest Review, you will find out exactly what the benefits are of using Chip Invest or even their ChipX plan.


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*Remember capital at risk when investing and gains are not guaranteed with a loss of money is possible.

What Is Chip Invest

Chip works by connecting to your main bank account, where it analyses your banking activities such as income and expenditures. It calculates how much you could be saving and then automatically takes a small and generally unnoticeable amount of money. It takes roundups from your bank account and then securely stores them in your chip account.

Connecting your bank account takes around 60 seconds and is simple to do. All you need is to have your bank app already installed on your smartphone.

Chip will then automatically link to your banking app meaning that you won’t need any of your online banking login details.

Chip is insured by FSCS meaning your money is protected up to £85,000 should the bank of building society providing the product fail.

Chip has teamed up with Blackrock to offer investment products, which consist of 7 different funds, for Chip users to try to get the best return for their money.

How Does Investing Through Chip Work?

Chip Invest

Chip is the standard free plan. With this plan you can earn interest rates of 1% on funds up to £2,000. This standard Chip plan comes with a variety of savings accounts where you can use the autosave technology to put small sums of money towards your savings goals. You have access to the General Invest Account (GIA) which has an annual platform fee of 0.5% (minimum of £1 per month) and access to the basic funds which are provided by BlackRock.

The full range of funds is available with the ChipX plan.


The ChipX plan allows access to the full range of funds which are offered by BlackRock which includes ethical, clean energy, and emerging market funds, with new funds constantly being added.


ChipX allows you to take advantage of an Investment ISA, protecting your long-term gains at the cost of £3 per month. In addition to the ISA, the platform fee will be lowered from 0.5% (Chip) to 0.00% (ChipX).

Funds Available 

Chip has partnered up with BlackRock to provide Chip users with a range of investment funds. There are several different funds to choose from including:

Chip Invest Funds

S&P500 Tech Companies (iShares)*

Risk level 6/7

Average returns 21.58%

Ongoing fee 0.15%

FTSE 100 (Vanguard)*

Risk level 5/7

Average returns 3.48%

Ongoing fee 0.06%

Cautious fund

Risk level 4/7

Average return 0.34%

Ongoing fee 0.22%

Balanced fund

Risk level 4/7

Average return 1.29%

Ongoing fee 0.21%

Adventurous fund

Risk level 5/7

Average return 3.56%

Ongoing fee 0.21%

ChipX Funds

Healthcare Innovations (iShares)**

Risk level 6/7

Average returns 7.32%

Ongoing fee 0.45%

Emerging Markets (BlackRock)**

Risk level 6/7

Average returns 3.95%

Ongoing fee 0.95%

Global Companies Fund (iShares)**

Risk level 6/7

Average returns 7.91%

Ongoing fee 0.15%

Clean Energy (iShares)**

Risk level 7/7

Average returns 21.24%

Ongoing fee 0.65%

Physical Gold (iShares)**

Risk level 4/7

Average returns 5.3%

Ongoing fee 0.15%

Crypto Companies (Invesco)**

Risk level 7/7

Average returns 20.74%

Ongoing fee 0.65%

BlackRock Funds

Cautious X **

Risk level 4/7

Average returns 2.57%

Ongoing fee 0.17%

Balanced X **

Risk level 5/7

Average returns 4.47%

Ongoing fee 0.17%

Adventurous X **

Risk level 5/7

Average returns 5.94%

Ongoing fee 0.21%

Ethical X **

Risk level 5/7

Average returns 2.31%

Ongoing fee 0.17%

*Funds available with Chip

** Funds available with ChipX

Past performance is not a reliable guide to future returns. The value of your investment can go down as well as up and you might get back less than you originally invested. Historical returns are correct as of 03 November 2022 for Healthcare Innovations, Clean Energy, and Emerging Markets funds. For S&P 500 Tech Companies, FTSE 100, and Crypto Companies funds, correct as of 03 November 2022.

Start Investing with Chip Invest or ChipX funds.

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Alternative InvestmentsChip Alternative Investments

As well as offering funds in both the Chip Invest and ChipX, the platform offers the possibility of investing into alternative assets.

You are able to own shares of luxury assets, for example instead of owning one Rolex with the worth of £100,000, you have the ability of owning 1% of the watch. This is through the process called fractionalising.

Chip connects with experts from the different fields of alternative assets. This means the assets are chosen by third party experts who know how to pick and store the best products.

You can start and see your collection of alternative assets and eventually trade them inside the Chip app.

Here are some of Chips alternative assets on offer:

Fine Wine

Diversify your portfolio with investment grade wines. Own bottles from award winning Bordeaux Châteaux, world famous Champagne houses or the cult wines of California. The humble grape to liquid gold.

Investment Art

Diversify your art portfolio and own a share of a masterpiece. Think: Picasso, Banksy, or Warhol. Working with industry experts, we’re giving you the opportunity to invest in iconic, contemporary artworks.

Exotic Cars – Coming Soon

Own shares in a vintage Jaguar, a classic Ferrari or a rare Lamborghini. Investing in cars can be a serious diversification strategy.

Start your alternative investment portfolio with Chip.


What Chip does

  1. Source – Third party experts curate the rare, valuable and exciting assets around the world.
  2. Fractionalise – Chip splits the assets into legally backed shares through third party specialists
  3.  Shares Offered – After fractionalisation you can buy shares in assets starting from a few pounds.

What you do

  1. You Hold – Alternative assets are growing so you can sit back and watch your fraction of a Rolex grow.
  2. You Trade (Too come) – Buy & sell your shares on Chips secondary market.
  3. Build a collection (Too come) – See you portfolio of alternative assets in the app.


The benefits of Chip is that the platform takes the stress out of saving or investing lump sums by using their AI technology to analyse your income and spending habits. By doing this they can save/invest small increments of your money that you would not have missed within your day-to-day habits.

The additional benefit is that you can change how aggressive you wish to be with your goals, or even give yourself a break if you know bills are coming up.

Minimum Deposit

Like many Fintech banks and brokers, with Chip, you can start saving and investing with as little as £1. You can deposit between £1 and £85,000 into any of Chips savings accounts.

Note that for the Chips prize draw savings account you need a balance of at least £100 and every £10 count as one entry at the end of the qualifying period.

Special Features

  • Low Minimum Investment – Start saving/investing from just £1
  • Variety of Funds – Takes the stress out of picking investments
  • AI Algorithm – Analyses you’re income and spending habit
  • Adjustable Savings rate – Be as aggressive or cautious as you wish
  • Alternative Assets – Invest into alternative assets such as wine or artwork
  • Special Prize Savings Pot – Comparable to Premium Bonds

AI Save Level 

One of Chips special features is it AI Algorithm which you can adjust to be as aggressive or cautious as you wish to be. This scale of saving can be changed at any time to adapt to your circumstances or risk level.

This AI save level has 5 settings:

  1. Take Your Time! – The lowest auto-save level
  2. Take It Slow, Its Fine! – Slightly smaller auto saves
  3. Just Right – The Goldilocks auto-save
  4. That’s The Spirit! – Slightly bigger auto-save
  5. Serious Stuff – The highest auto-save level


Chip Plan Fees

Plan Type

Plan Fee

Platform Fee


Chip Invest

£0.00/28 days

0.5% (£1 minimum per month)



£5.99 per month*



*£5.99 paid monthly or £4.99 per month equivalent if paid for a year.

Chip Fund Fees

The fund offered by Chip are fee to invest in. Still, each fund has a specific ongoing fee charged for managing the fund which can vary between 0.06% and 0.95%.

Chip Opening Fee

There are no fees for opening or having a chip account.

Customer Service

Chip offers an in-app live chat, connecting you to their customer service team.

You can choose whether you wish to send the team a message which will be answered during the working day or you can search for help and find commonly asked questions that are answered by suggested articles.

Customer Reviews

Chip currently has a 3.9 out of 5-star rating on Trust pilot with a total of over 1000 reviews, rating the company as great.

Chip Trustpilot Rating

Alternatives to Chip Invest

Chip Invest may not be the broker for you to start investing or your investing style. While having your investments simplified into funds you may wish to have a wider range of funds available or even different assets like ETFs or Stocks.


If you are looking for a simplified investing platform which supports an ETF investment strategy then check out InvestEngine. Their commission-free platform offers a wide range of ETFs to its customers with little to no cost.

You can choose from a personalised portfolio made of ETFs specifically tailored to your needs after taking a quick survey or you can manage your own DIY ETF portfolio.



Trading212 is a commission free broker which allows you to start investing with as little as £1.

You can access ETFs, funds and stocks with no commission fee to invest. Trading212 also offers innovative features such as Pies, where you can build a portfolio of up to 50 slices.

You have access to over 10,000 global stocks and ETFs at your finger tips.


Who Is Investing Chip For?

Chip is great for people who find it difficult to build savings and investments. With Chips auto-save feature makes it a great way to build up savings or investment pots with small amounts of money that you would most likely not miss day to day.

A great range of funds on offer makes investing easy with a selection of funds without the stress of trying to pick investments. 

In case you are in your overdraft or if your balances run low, you can command Chip to stop saving. Furthermore, Chip allows you to set goals for saving up and keep track of how well you are working towards this goal. 

Anyone banking with the following banks can use Chip:



Marks & Spencer








Starling Bank

Ulster Bank

First Direct

Lloyds Bank





Money held in your Chip savings and investment accounts are covered up to £85,000 which is protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Chip is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Chip also uses encryption software that ensures your data is safe.

Chip connects to your bank account via open banking with Truelayer which means it does not see any of your personal log information.

Is Chip Worth Getting?

Chip is a great platform that allows you to save and invest small amounts of money with as little as £1. 

The AI algorithm allows you to adjust your savings amount allowing you to build up a savings pot passively.

Chip is a great platform if you wish to save money on the side without noticing but can be pricey if you are investing with a small investment pot, this is due to the normal chip account charging a minimum of £1 per month or 0.5% as a platform fee, whichever is higher.

The benefits of ChipX is that for £5.99 per month (or £4.99 if paid annually) is that you have the addition of being able to use the ISA account which allows you to benefit of protecting long-term gains on investments from any taxes (excluding foreign withholding tax).

Sign up to Chip today and start investing with as little as just £1. Pick from a number of funds or diversify a little more and take advantage of Chips alternative investments.



How do i withdraw money from Chip

To withdraw, head to the relevant account in the Savings or Invest tab. Once you’ve selected it you will see the option to withdraw at the top.

How long does it take to withdraw from Chip?

Withdrawing money from your Chip account can take up to two working days but typically within minutes but up to two hours maximum.

How do i stop Chip from taking money?

You can pause your Chip auto-save by using the settings found within the profile tab.

Go to Savings Plan – Auto-save Settings and select Skip Auto-save. You can select how long you want to pause the save, you can pause the save up to a maximum of 3 months at a time.

How long does it take for Chip to process?

It can take between 6 to 9 working days for your money to clear processing and be actively invested into a fund.


Chip or Chip Financial Limited has been authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Service Regulations 2017 for the provision of payment services. The money held in their Chip Savings Account is powered by Clearbank (Chip Savings Account). Meanwhile, their interest Accounts and the Chip+1 account are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) for deposits. As an agent of Prepaid Financial Services Limited. Chip’s Prepaid Financial Services are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 for the issuance of electronic money and provision of payment services. Furthermore, the funds held in the customers’ e-money wallet are safeguarded with Prepaid Financial Services Limited. For their Investment Platform business, only Chip is an Appointed Representative of P1 Investment Management Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.  

Chip is the trading name of Chip Financial Limited. Chip is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Service Regulations 2017, firm reference number no. 911255, for the provision of payment services. Note that Chip is not a bank. Only the money held in the Chip Savings Account powered by Clearbank (Chip Savings Account), our Interest Accounts and the Chip+1 account are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) for deposits.


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