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For ETF Investors InvestEngine offers some of the lowest platform fees (as low as 0%) and a great range of ETFs from some of the largest ETF providers such as iShares, Invesco and Vanguard.

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Have you ever wished you could have an extremely simple platform to invest into ETFs which also gives you in-depth data about the portfolio? Such analytics as regions, sectors, holdings and asset classes? InvestEngine may be the ETF investing brokerage for you and this Investengine review will guide your through the platform.

Product Overview

InvestEngine is currently boasting a rating of 4.5 stars on Trustpilot with most reviews talking about how simple and straightforward the platform is to use with a nice UI. Other comments are about the low fees InvestEngine has to offer.

InvestEngine trustpilot

What Is InvestEngine?

InvestEngine, launched in 2019, aims to be smarter, nimbler and far cheaper than normal investment platforms and acts as a one-stop shop for DIY ETF and pre-made ETF portfolio investors. Typically brokers aim to be either Robo-advice services or Do-It-Yourself platforms but InvestEngine is one of the first brokers which act as a hybrid offering pre-made portfolios or DIY ETF portfolios. Choose from over 520 ETFs to build the portfolio to suit you.

InvestEngine is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority & is part of the FSCS.


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*Remember capital is at risk when investing and gains are not guaranteed with a loss of money is possible.

How Does Investing Through InvestEngine Work?

InvestEngine allows investors to build and manage their own investments or takes care of it if they prefer someone else to make investment decisions on their behalf. 

Both of these options are fairly priced, with the Do-It-Yourself option being free while the Managed for you attracts an annual platform fee of 0.25%. Compared to peers the 0.25% platform fee is extremely competitive for the hands-off approach.

InvestEngine Fees

Managed for you

If you wish to have a hands-off approach to investing then the Managed for you approach may tickle your fancy.

Before any money is invested with InvestEngine, you fill in an in-depth questionnaire to gauge your tolerances as a potential investor, this allows them to tailor make you a portfolio to you specifics as an investor.

The 12-part questionnaire asks questions such as:

  •  Type of account (ISA/GIA)
  •  Portfolio type (Growth/Income)
  •  How much you wish to invest (can be changed before you commit)
  •  The portion of the total investable assets the portfolio represents
  •  Annual income
  •  Timeframe (short, medium or long)
  •  Risk tolerance (Minimising losses, maximising profits or both)
  •  What would you do in a market downturn (Sell, Hold or buy)
  •  The size of the loss you think you can handle
  •  Prefer guaranteed gains or uncertain
  •  Needing the money within the next 5 years
  •  Investment experience 

Once you’ve completed this questionnaire to the best of your ability/knowledge you are presented with a portfolio which they suggest. Before investing you are able to check out the kind of portfolio offered with the details of allocations and the potential projection of the portfolio.


Different from the managed-for-you path, the DIY gets right into it. If you select this path you will be able to choose from what kind of account you want to use, this is between the ISA or GIA.


Here you have free reign to choose from over 520 different ETFs, these can easily be whittled down if you have a specific brand of ETF such as iShares, Vanguard, Fidelity or many others.

There are 5 ways to help you, as a DIY investor to reduce the range upfront.

  •  Search – search directly for a ETF
  • Asset class – Whittle the list down to either Equities, bonds or alternatives.
  •  Type of ETF – Accumulating or distribution.
  • Hedged – You may wish to opt for a currency-hedged ETF
  •  Worried about the environment? You can turn on ESG

When checking out these ETF options you will be shown the name, ticker, type of ETF, the fund fees and a small description.

This means you won’t get any surprises upfront.

If you are wanting to do further research you can simply click on the ETF and you will be offered a large amount of information such as:

  •  Price chart
  •  ETF details
  •  ETF breakdown – such as holdings, regions & sectors
  •  Key investor information
  •  Factsheets

Once happy with your pick you can change the weightings of each position allocation to reduce or increase exposure in different sectors.

Once happy you continue and have a final review of your home made portfolio, you can check out the regional exposure, sectors and the holdings of your overall portfolio.

Interested in a Managed for you or DIY portfolio? Sign up here.

Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit to open an InvestEngine account is £100. Once you have opened your account with the minimum deposit you can add further one-off payments or set up a direct debit or standing order.

The minimum amount to top up via instant bank transfer is just £1. There are no minimums for manual bank transfers or standing orders while for Direct Debits there is a minimum of £50.

Special Features


The Dashboard

The dashboard is where you can manage your DIY or Managed portfolios, through this you can look deeper into your portfolios and execute actions such as buying, selling, rebalancing or just checking the performance of the ETFs held within the portfolio itself.


With the analytics, you are able to see an in-depth breakdown of your whole portfolio or separate portfolios if you have more than one set-up. Easily using this you are able to see the data of the regions, sectors, holdings and asset classes within your portfolio at the click of your finger.

InvestEngine analytics

Portfolio Sharing Feature

In spring 2022 InvestEngine released a feature where you are able to share your ETF portfolio with others.

Sharing your portfolio is quick and easy, simply by clicking on your DIY portfolio and selecting ‘share portfolio outline’ then clicking on the ‘share’ button, you can let your friends and family know your investment strategy.

When sharing your portfolio, it will not include the value of your portfolio, any personal details as both remain secure at all times.

Exchange Traded Funds Range

InvestEngine has managed to build up a fairly substantial range of ETFs on offer from some of the largest names in the game such as iShares, Invesco and Vanguard.

InvestEngine allows you to pick from a growing list of ETFs and currently offer over 520 ETFs.

ETFs are an excellent choice for investors to build their portfolio with instant diversification, easy access investments and low-costs.

InvestEngine ETFs

Start Investing With InvestEngine ETFs


Managed portfolio costs

  •  0.25% per annum InvestEngine platform fee
  •  0.15% – 0.25% ETF annual charge
  • 0.07% Market spread

This roughly equates to a 0.47% per annum cost for an InvestEngine Managed portfolio, details below:

Platform fee per annum 0.25%

ETF charge per annum (average 0.15%)

ETF spread per annum (average 0.07%)

Total 0.47%

DIY portfolio costs

InvestEngine currently does not charge any platform fees for its DIY investment portfolios whether you use its GIA or ISA account. 

Account opening charge Free

Monthly platform fee Free

Cost per trade Free

Customer Service

InvestEngine has a knowledgeable support team. The customer service is only available via the online request form and the team is available Monday-Friday 5:30am to 9:00pm and Saturday – Sunday 8:30am to 5:30pm.

Even though InvestEngine is an extremely low-cost platform their customer service does not lack and would be hard-pressed to find a better service.

Checking Trustpilot having a good experience with customer service is something many reviewers found and overall are very positive reviews as InvestEngine scored 4.5 out of 5.


InvestEngine has a variety of blog posts on offer which cover a range of topics from ETFs to understanding risk and return.

InvestEngine’s blog allows you to view a range of topics to help you become a better investor.

InvestEngine Blog


InvestEngine is a great platform for those who wish to invest simply via ETFs without lots of fees added on. While it’s a great platform for keeping investing simple you may wish to expand into more complex areas of investing and have a chance of beating the market.

Here are two other brokers you may wish to consider.


Trading212 is a commission-free broker which allows you to start investing with as little as £1.

You can access ETFs, funds and stocks with no commission fee to invest. Trading212 also offers innovative features such as Pies, where you can build a portfolio of up to 50 slices.

You have access to over 10,000 global stocks and ETFs at your finger tips.


Chip Invest

Chip was founded in 2016 and is designed to help make saving money as easy as spending and offer an easy and convenient way to invest.

Chip is an automatic savings app that connects your current account through open banking. It uses complex algorithms to establish how much you can afford to save and then places that cash in a savings or investment account on your behalf.


Who Is InvestEngine For?

InvestEngine is a great platform for those who wish to start investing but want to keep it simple. They offer the ability to have a managed portfolio which charges an average* fee of only 0.47% which makes the managed portfolio very competitive with other brokers or the DIY portfolio which offers ETF investing for free with only the on-going fees on the ETF to pay.

With InvestEngine charging no fees for investing into ETFs with their DIY portfolio it makes it one of the cheapest ways to invest. If you are a beginner investor and wish to keep investing simple and not complicate it with stocks and other investments then InvestEngine is the brokerage for you.

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Money held with InvestEngine are covered up to £85,000 which is protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

InvestEngine (UK) Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) [FRN 801128], meaning that both your money and data are protected.

For online security, InvestEngine is committed to safeguarding your account. Offering some of the highest levels of security, InvestEngine uses SSL 256-bit encryption to make sure your personal information is protected.

Is InvestEngine Worth Getting?

InvestEngine is definitely worth getting if you are starting your investment journey or are an ETF investor.

Whether you want hands-on or hands-off investment portfolio InvestEngine offers both at competitive fees. ETF investing is one of the most simple and efficient forms of investing and InvestEngine takes that a step further with a low cost managed portfolio. The managed portfolio is built after taking a 12 question questionnaire where InvestEngine will work out your risk tolerance.

While InvestEngine’s minimum deposit of £100 is not the cheapest to start with, they allow much smaller increments of money to be invested via instant banking or through a direct debit.

Starting with £100 in an investment account is a healthy way to start an investment journey.

Sign up to InvestEngine with just £100 and start building your own portfolio of well known ETF providers such as iShares, Invesco and Vanguard.

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Can you buy individual stocks on InvestEngine?

You can only buy Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) with InvestEngine. An ETF is a collection of individual stocks in a wrapper (a fund). By only offering ETFs, it allows InvestEngine to keep fees low.

How often does InvestEngine Update?

Your InvestEngine portfolio updates its prices before 7am daily using the ETF prices from the previous market days close price.

Is InvestEngine’s ISA flexible?

Currently, InvestEngine’s ISA is not flexible which means you can only put up to your £20,000 ISA allowance. Once over the allowance, you will not be able to deposit more into the ISA.

How many customers does InvestEngine have?

There are currently over 20,000 active customers with InvestEngine and the number is growing daily.

How does InvestEngine make money?

InvestEngine makes its money from its managed portfolio which charges a platform fee of 0.25%. However, they offer a DIY portfolio which comes with no platform fee.


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