Investing With Trading212

Investing with Trading212 can be done in 3 simple steps which can be completed in a matter of minutes once you’ve set up your investment account.

1. Choose your favorite company/ETF
2. Select how much to invest
3. Purchase your shares

Choose your favorite company/ETF

First you need to select your desired stock or ETF to start your investment journey. With Trading212 you have access to over 10,000 different stocks and ETFs giving you the ability to custom-make your portfolio specific to your goal and desires.

Trading212 makes it easy to find new stocks through their easy-to-use search bar, allowing you a quick search of any stock over their selection, you can break this down to specific markets such as the UK, The USA, Germany, and more.

Alternatively, Trading212 allows you to see the top winners and losers as well as new stocks on the platform or popular stocks/ETFs held by other users. If you see multiple companies/ETFs you wish to invest in, you are able to add these to your watchlist to make them easier to find in the future.

Selecting stock


Select how much to invest

Second step is to select how much you want to invest. This can be done in one of two ways. You are able to select how much capital you wish to invest into the specific stock or ETF and will give an estimated amount of shares you are able to purchase, even fractional shares.

if you prefer to invest in whole shares or multiples you can input the amount of shares you wish to purchase and will tell you how much it will cost to make the purchase.

Once you are happy with the amount of capital you wish to invest or the amount of shares you wish to acquire you will have a review order appear.

The review order will detail the order type, number of shares, the share value, commission charged (free), FX fee (if applies) and the total cost of the overall order. Investing with Trading212 is a transparent process, showing you any fees which maybe applied to your purchase.

Purchasing your shares

Purchase your shares

Lastly, once you confirm the review order, Trading212 processes your buy order and once approved you will receive your shares in your desired company. Purchasing through the app can be done in 3 simple steps and can complete a buy order in a matter of minutes.

Getting your shares

Investing with Trading212

Building a portfolio through Trading212 is incredibly easy while offering a transparent service.

Trading212 offers over 10,000 global stocks and ETFs to suit any investment style.

With 3 easy steps you can start your investment journey and you can start from as little as £1.

If Trading212 is the right platform for you make sure to check out our full in-depth review of the platform and have a chance of getting a free share worth up to £100, T&Cs apply.


Trading212 Review

Trading212 Review


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