Bestinvest is an established investment system that enables access to a wide range of funds and stocks, here is Sensible Investors’ Bestinvest review for 2022.

Bestinvest Review

As a result of their acquisition by Tilney, they now provide free financial counseling with a trained financial consultant, which may be enticing to new investors including those wishing to expand their expertise.

Bestinvest is no exception to this norm in many aspects. Bestinvest is a mid-sized investing platform that manages around £2.7 billion in assets. Since it is part of the Tilney Group, you’ll have access to goods and services that you won’t find on other budget investment platforms, such as three different SIPP management choices.

At the same time, there are several key aspects of a conventional investing system that Bestinvest omits, and these characteristics influence whether or not you should stick with Bestinvest in the long run.

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The Bestinvest SIPP is without a doubt the network’s most appealing item, especially for new traders and those who are just starting to start with saving for retirement.

What is Bestinvest?


Bestinvest is an online investment management platform that offers a variety of mutual funds, equities, and other securities. Bestinvest debuted its DIY investor service in 2011, including a trading account, a selection of ISAs, and an identity personal retirement.


Bestinvest was formed in 1986 by John Spiers, making it one of the most developed platforms available. The platform joined with Tilney in 2014, and the company was renamed Tilney Group in 2017.

Account types

Bestinvest offers a straightforward variety of tax-efficient options, according to a cursory inspection of the website, such as:

  1. Stocks and Shares ISA

Spend your £20,000 tax-free limit and get free training, the lowest share trading fees among the main platforms, and service charges as low as 0.2 percent. There’s also no fee for storing cash, so you didn’t have to worry about market movements.

  • Service that has won awards. – At the City of London Wealth Management Awards 2020, Bestinvest was named Best ISA Provider.
  • The ability to invest freely – Choose your assets or go with a pre-built portfolio.
  • Excellent value for money.

Service costs are 0.2 percent or less each year, there are no set-up expenses, and share trading is just £4.95 per trade.

  1. Junior ISA

You may invest the £9,000 Junior ISA allowed this year and any profits will be tax-free. You can invest right away or put money aside to invest afterward (cash deposits are free).

Bestinvest also provides free coaching, the cheapest share trading fees among massive investment firms, and a Ready-made Portfolio service cost of 0.2 percent.

  • It’s simple – You may start an account online in moments, or if you need assistance, call their experienced UK professionals first.
  • Fees are low – Opening a Junior ISA or transferring previous accounts is free, and Bestinvest’s yearly service costs start at 0.2 percent for fully prepared Portfolios and 0.4 percent for other assets.
  • Decide how you want to invest – Pick your favorite investments, invest with the assistance of a consultant, or let professionals handle everything for you.


  1. SIPPs

Their award-winning low-cost personal pension, The Best SIPP, is their honors low-cost personal retirement plan. It offers free coaching, has the lowest share trading costs of the main platforms, and charges service charges as low as 0.2 percent.

Self-invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs) are a form of pension that provides you with the following benefits:

  • More command – You have more control over your retirement funds. It is simple to purchase, sell, and swap them.
  • Improved visibility – Checking the value of your pension and seeing how each of your assets is progressing is simple and quick.
  • A broader range of investing options – You have access to a broader range of assets than traditional pensions, such as hundreds of funds and UK stocks.

When you reach retirement age, you may choose how you want to receive your income and Bestinvest lets you do exactly that.

  1. General Investment Accounts

You can take benefit of all Bestinvest’s award-winning service has to offer instead of using up your yearly ISA and pension allowances by opening Bestinvest general investing account.

It includes free counseling, the cheapest share-trading charge among major investing sites, and a Ready-made Portfolio service charge of 0.2 percent or less.

  • Excellent value for money – Low yearly fees, no costs for buying or selling funds, and share trading at just £4.95 per trade.
  • It is simple to open – Open an account with a debit card online in minutes or call their UK-based experts for assistance.
  • Service that has won awards – At the 2018 FT and Investors Chronicle Awards, Bestinvest’s online system was named Best Investing Portal.

You can maximize your tax-free investments and put the surplus in the market by using a provider that allows both tax-wrapper goods and a general investing account without having to open and understand the systems of various providers. If you don’t have a lot of time to devote to monitoring your assets, this is a good option. Bestinvest, on the other hand, lacks the instruments needed to enter into share trading through an investing account, as you’ll discover elsewhere. As a result, the value proposition’s implementation is a little confusing.

Services provided

  • Expert analysis.
  • Examine your holdings – When you register for an account, you can see your Investing Review, which gives you a thorough breakdown of your investment risk, asset allocation, and investment grade.
  • You’ll be able to see everything in one spot – Continually monitor the worth of your investments. On your Balance Sheet, you may see them among your assets.
  • Look into a variety of investing options – In only a few clicks, you may search and filter hundreds of assets. There are over 2,500 funds to choose from, as well as hundreds of investment trusts, ETFs, and most UK stocks.
  • Connect your accounts as a family – If additional members of the family have Bestinvest accounts, you may link accounts so you can monitor your money all in one location.
  • Make a portfolio – Individual portfolios about various objectives, such as retirement savings or paying off a mortgage, can be created by grouping your accounts and assets.

Bestinvest Fees

Account fees for Bestinvest UK accounts are divided into three categories.

  • You’ll pay 0.2 percent on up to £500,000 in an ISA, Investment Account, Junior ISA, or SIPP.
  • 1% on amounts ranging from £500,000 to £1 million.
  • Over £1 million is available for free.

Remember that you’ll still have to pay fund fees, which vary depending on the product.

Bestinvest’s costs are significantly lower than those of Nutmeg and Wealthify, which charge up to 0.75 percent and 0.6 percent, respectively, depending on your portfolio choice.

If you want to open an Investment Account, you’ll have to pay £4.95 per trade in share dealing costs. The good news is that purchasing and selling money is completely free. You’ll still have to pay fund fees, which is standard procedure.

It’s a little frustrating that Bestinvest doesn’t make it easy to estimate the cost of your account before you sign up. Nutmeg and several of its rivals employ graphs and charts to assist you to calculate the exact cost of service fees.

It’s a small gripe, but it shows a lack of consideration for the customer experience.

Overall, Tilney Bestinvest’s costs aren’t going to make or break you, but the SIPP fees are quite competitive.

I appreciate the idea of charging a tiered charge based on the worth of your portfolio because it’s usually less expensive than paying a flat yearly price.

Customer service

It’s critical to be able to communicate with your investment provider at all times, but especially during times of volatility.

Unlike some other providers, Bestinvest includes a comprehensive FAQ section that covers not only the fundamentals, such as depositing and withdrawing funds, but also vocabulary, investing, and dealing.

You may also learn about transfers, transactions, and fundamental security precautions.

It stands out from other suppliers since it enables you to be engaged with client support. The callback option is very useful because it saves you another half-hour on wait.


The site has just been revamped and is now a lot simpler to walk around, making it easier to manage a portfolio as well as read up on the markets and obtain advice and suggestions on which funds to choose. A wonderful touch is the incorporation of tiny video snippets into several of the pages, which gives the website a somewhat more current vibe.

There is presently no mobile app, but one is scheduled for later in 2022.

Bestinvest is simple to use, yet certain sections of the site appear to be outdated. There are a few unique authentication alternatives that may be confusing to users, but once you’re in, navigation is considerably easier. There has been a lot of effort put into the presentation of research and material, and this is one of the most useful sites for people looking for a few hints on which funds or investments to select.

The all-around client will benefit from this service; the purist share trader will be disappointed, and the newbie will be confused.

It’s a  reasonably good option for individuals who wish to do some research and maintain their portfolio without having to be an expert.

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