Top 10 Highest Dividend Stocks in Industrials Sector

This article will look at the Top 10 Highest Dividend Stocks In Industrials Sector. It will identify each of the companies on the list so you can find them for your further research.

One thing to consider is that the list is in ascending dividend size order, not a rating by quality. The verdict is not necessarily a recommendation to buy for your portfolio, as you will likely have your own financial situation. Welcome to ask questions in the comments about how you can get more information on any of these.

Let’s not waste any time and get straight to what you are here for – the list of the Top 10 Highest Dividend Stocks In the Industrials Sector.

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Tyman plcTyman plc

(Forward Annual Dividend Yield- 5.11%)


  • Company name- Tyman plc
  • Ticker symbol- TYMN.L
  • Price – £2.54
  • Sector-Industrials
  • Industry- Building Products and Equipment

Tyman plc supplies designed products and access solutions to the construction industry. 

It operates through three divisions.

The Tyman North America division manufactures window and door hardware parts and sealing systems. 

The Tyman UK & Ireland division designs and distributes the security hardware and Smartware for doors and windows.

The Tyman International division supplies hardware and seals for the door and window industry. Tyman plc began in 1993 and is based in London, the United Kingdom.

Morgan Sindall Group plcMorgan Sindall Group plc

(Forward Annual Dividend Yield- 5.16%)

  • Company name- Morgan Sindall Group plc
  • Ticker symbol- MGNS.L
  • Price – £18.02
  • Sector-Industrials
  • Industry- Engineering and Constructions

Morgan Sindall Group plc is a construction and regeneration company in the UK.

It works through five segments.

The Construction & Infrastructure segment provides infrastructure services to various institutions.

The Fit Out segment works in fit-out and renovation projects. It also provides office interior designs and buildings.

The Property Services segment repairs and maintains social housing and buildings in the public sector. The Partnership Housing segment engages in many mixed-tenure developments.


The Urban Regeneration segment aims to change the urban landscape. The company began in 1953 and is based in London, the United Kingdom.

Severfield plcSeverfield plc

(Forward Annual Dividend Yield- 5.38%)

  • Company name-  Severfield plc
  • Ticker symbol- SFR.L
  • Price – £0.58
  • Sector-Industrials
  • Industry- Engineering and Constructions

Severfield plc is a structural steelwork company.

It is involved in the designing, manufacturing, fabrication, construction, and erection of steelwork activities in the United Kingdom and several other countries.

It offers products for metal decking.

Also, it offers contracting services for places such as distribution warehouses and low-rise structures.

The company helps with its services for a variety of projects. It serves individuals such as contractors, developers, engineers, and architects.

Severfield plc began in 1978 and is based in Thirsk, the United Kingdom.

Redde Northgate plcRedde Northgate plc

(Forward Annual Dividend Yield- 5.62%)

  • Company name- Redde Northgate plc
  • Ticker symbol- REDD.L
  • Price – £3.76
  • Sector-Industrials
  • Industry- Rental and Leasing Services

Redde Northgate plc provides mobility solutions and automotive services in the United Kingdom, Spain, and Ireland.

It provides personal injury law, legal advice, and accident administration services. 

The company operates a group of about 126,000 owned and 600,000 managed vehicles.

The company began in 1897 and is headquartered in Darlington, the United Kingdom.

Eurocell plcEurocell plc

(Forward Annual Dividend Yield- 5.65%)

  • Company name-  Eurocell plc 
  • Ticker symbol- ECEL.L
  • Price – £1.62
  • Sector-Industrials
  • Industry- Building Products and Equipment

Eurocell plc offers building products in the UK.

It operates through Profiles and Building Plastics segments.

The company sells its products online to many installers, builders, maintenance, and wholesalers.

Eurocell plc began in 1974 and is based in Alfreton, the United Kingdom.

Somero Enterprises, IncSomero Enterprises, Inc

(Forward Annual Dividend Yield- 5.76%)

  • Company name- Somero Enterprises, Inc. 
  • Ticker symbol- SOM.L
  • Price – £4.24
  • Sector-Industrials
  • Industry- Farm and Heavy Construction Machinery

Somero Enterprises, Inc. designs and manufactures concrete levelling, contouring and placing equipment worldwide.

It also offers related parts and accessories, as well as training services. It also provides factory-certified remanufactured equipment.

The company’s equipment is used in various building types.

The company markets and sells its products to a variety of contractors.

Somero Enterprises started in 1985 and is based in Fort Myers, Florida.

RHI Magnesita N.V.RHI Magnesita N.V.

(Forward Annual Dividend Yield- 6.41%)

  • Company name- RHI Magnesita N.V.
  • Ticker symbol- RHIM.L
  • Price – £19.80
  • Sector-Industrials
  • Industry- Metal Fabrication

RHI Magnesita N.V. creates, produces, sells, installs, and maintains products and systems used in industries working with high temperatures worldwide.

It supplies many resources and services for industries that produce concrete, cement, bricks, and metals.

The company also provides induction furnaces as well as sliding gates.

The company also supplies maintenance facilities in electro mechanicals; creates and monitors solutions.

The company began in 1834 and is based in Vienna, Austria.

Ocean Wilsons Holdings LimitedOcean Wilsons Holdings Limited

(Forward Annual Dividend Yield- 6.42%)

  • Company name- Ocean Wilsons Holdings Limited
  • Ticker symbol- OCN.L
  • Price – £8.98
  • Sector-Industrials
  • Industry- Marine Shipping

Ocean Wilsons Holdings Limited offers maritime and logistics services in Brazil.

The company operates in two segments.

The Maritime Services segment provides services in shipping.

The Investments segment holds a portfolio of international investments.

Ocean Wilsons Holdings Limited is based in Hamilton, Bermuda.

Royal Mail plcRoyal Mail plc

(Forward Annual Dividend Yield- 7.15%)

  • Company name- Royal Mail plc
  • Ticker symbol- RMG.L
  • Price – £2.75
  • Sector-Industrials
  • Industry- Integrated Freight and Logistics

Royal Mail plc (with subsidiaries) is a universal postal service provider.

It offers parcels and letter delivery services under the Royal Mail and Parcelforce Worldwide brands.

The company also operates ground-based parcel delivery chains in Europe that cover 40 countries and states. Additionally, it provides express parcel delivery and logistics services.

The company also engages in property holdings activities and supplies facilities management services. It serves a range of customers.

The company began in 1516 and is based in London, the United Kingdom.

Icahn Enterprises L.P.Icahn Enterprises L.P.

(Forward Annual Dividend Yield- 15.05%)

  • Company name-  Icahn Enterprises L.P.
  • Ticker symbol- IEP
  • Price – $53.25
  • Sector-Industrials
  • Industry- Conglomerates

Icahn Enterprises L.P. operates in a variety of segments. Its Investment segment invests its capital via a variety of private investment funds. 

The Energy segment refines and markets transportation fuels and Nitrogen fertilisers.

Its Automotive segment works on the selling and distribution of automotive parts.

The Food Packaging segment produces and sells various forms of casings.

Its Real Estate segment is involved in the rental of property.

The Home Fashion segment manufactures home fashion products for consumers. 

Its Pharma segment works with services involved in pharmaceuticals. 

The company began in 1987 and is based in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida.

Highest Dividend Stocks in Industrials Sector

This was the list of the Top 10 Highest Dividend Stocks In the Industrials Sector. This was made to give you some inspiration for companies in this grouping that you can now do your due diligence on. Just looking for a high yield is not enough for it to be a candidate for your portfolio but can be a great starting point that you can start to narrow down your watchlist.

We have lots of resources to help you decide if a dividend stock is right for you and videos that can give you more inspiration for other categories.

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