Top 10 Highest Dividend Stocks in the Utilities Sector

This article will look at the top 10 highest dividend stocks in the Utilities Sector. It will identify each of the companies on the list so you can find them for your further research, and give a brief description of the company itself.

The Utilities Sector includes a lot of electricity and gas providers whose dividends can be pretty high when times are good, which is excellent for us. Still, when times are bad, the dividends can be cut significantly!

This is something to watch out for in your portfolio building as these stocks are cyclical; you don’t want to have too much of them as a proportion of your portfolio, or it will be a feast or famine income for you which is not considered to be reliable if you want to live off dividend income!

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Dominion Energy Inc.Dominion Energy Inc.

(Forward Annual Dividend Yield- 4.15%)

  • Company name- Dominion Energy Inc.
  • Ticker symbol- D
  • Price – $64.74
  • Sector-Utilities
  • Industry-Utilities- Regulated Electric


In the United States, Dominion Energy, Inc. operates via four segments to produce and distribute energy.

The Dominion Energy Virginia segment generates, transmits, and distributes regulated electricity to customers in states like Virginia. 

The Gas Distribution segment deals with regulated natural gas in states like Ohio. Not only that, but it also has nonregulated renewable natural gas facilities in operation. 

The Dominion Energy South Carolina segment deals with electricity provision to several portions of South Carolina and distributes natural gas to customers in South Carolina. 

The Contracted Assets segment is involved in the nonregulated long-term contracted renewable electric generation and solar generation facility development operations; and gas transportation.

 Dominion Energy, Inc. began in 1983 and is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia.

The Southern CompanyThe Southern Company

(Forward Annual Dividend Yield- 4.24%)

  • Company name- The Southern Company
  • Ticker symbol- SO
  • Price – $64.33
  • Sector-Utilities
  • Industry-Utilities- Regulated Electricity

The Southern Company is involved in the business of electricity. 

This company manages power generation assets such as renewable energy projects and sells electricity in the wholesale market to about 8.7 million customers.

It distributes natural gas in Illinois, Georgia, Virginia, and Tennessee and provides gas marketing services, wholesale gas services, and gas pipeline investment operations. 

Additionally, it owns and operates 67 power generating stations and 65 power facilities and constructs, operates, and maintains large spans of  natural gas pipelines and 14 storage facilities providing natural gas to various customers.

The Southern Company began in 1945 and is based in Atlanta, Georgia.


Severn Trent PlcSevern Trent Plc

(Forward Annual Dividend Yield- 4.38%)

  • Company name- Severn Trent Plc
  • Ticker symbol- SVT.L
  • Price – £23.09
  • Sector-Utilities
  • Industry-Utilities- Regulated Water

Severn Trent Plc is a water and sewerage company in England and Wales. 

It operates via two main segments: Water and Waste Water and Business Services.

The Regulated Water and Waste Water segment offers water and wastewater services to over 4.8 million households and businesses in the Midlands and Wales. 

The Business Services segment generates renewable energy from energy sources such as hydropower, manages and sells land, and offers search services. 

In addition, this segment also provides contract services to various clients, from municipal and industrial clients to developers. 

The company began in 1974 and is based in Coventry, United Kingdom.

Duke Energy CorporationDuke Energy Corporation

(Forward Annual Dividend Yield- 4.51%)

  • Company name- Duke Energy Corporation
  • Ticker symbol- DUK
  • Price – $89.63
  • Sector-Utilities
  • Industry-Utilities- Regulated Electric

In the United States, Duke Energy Corporation operates via three segments as an energy company; Electric Utilities and Infrastructure, Gas Utilities, and Commercial Renewable.

The Electric Utilities and Infrastructure segment deals with electricity and uses several sources of electricity generation. It also engages in the wholesale of electricity to entities like municipalities. The segment serves an estimated 8.2 million customers in 6 states.

Its Gas Utilities segment distributes natural gas and embarks in pipeline transmission and natural gas storage facilities. It serves about 1.6 million customers in several states. 

The Commercial Renewables segment deals with wind and solar renewable generation projects. It has 274 power facilities with a capacity of 3,554 MW across 22 states. 

This company began in 1904 and is based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Edison InternationalEdison International

(Forward Annual Dividend Yield- 4.78%)

  • Company name- Edison International
  • Ticker symbol- EIX
  • Price – $58.33
  • Sector-Utilities
  • Industry-Utilities- Regulated Electric

Edison International deals with the generation and distribution of electric power. 

It supplies electricity to 15 million customers across three areas of California. 

The company also offers energy solutions to commercial and industrial users.

Its transmission facilities consist of lines ranging from 55 kV to 500 kV and substations.

Also, the distribution system consists of approximately 40,000 circuit miles of overhead lines, about 30,000 circuit miles of underground lines, and 800 substations. 

This company began in 1886 and is based in Rosemead, California.

Pennon Group PlcPennon Group Plc

(Forward Annual Dividend Yield- 5.00%)

  • Company name- Pennon Group Plc
  • Ticker symbol- PNN.L
  • Price – £7.67
  • Sector-Utilities
  • Industry-Utilities- Regulated Water

In the UK, Pennon Group Plc offers clean water and wastewater services. 

Its customers are mainly from Cornwall, Devon, and parts of Dorset, Somerset, Hampshire, and Wiltshire.

The company also provides water and wastewater retail services to non-household customers in Great Britain. 

Furthermore, this company offers regulated water to about 1.2 million customers in Bristol. 

It serves approximately 50 million household and non-household customers. 

The company began in 1989 and is headquartered in Exeter, the United Kingdom.

United Utilities Group PLCUnited Utilities Group PLC

(Forward Annual Dividend Yield- 5.03%)

  • Company name- United Utilities Group PLC 
  • Ticker symbol- UU.L
  • Price – £8.63
  • Sector-Utilities
  • Industry-Utilities- Regulated Water

United Utilities Group offers services in water and wastewater in the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, the company is involved in several services,  such as renewable energy generation and project management. 

The company operates 42,000 kilometres of water pipes; and 78,000 km of wastewater pipes. 

United Utilities Group began in 2008 and is based in Warrington, United Kingdom.

National Grid plcNational Grid plc

(Forward Annual Dividend Yield- 5.51%)

  • Company name- National Grid plc
  • Ticker symbol- NG.L
  • Price – £9.08
  • Sector-Utilities
  • Industry-Utilities- Regulated Electric

National Grid plc operates through five segments to transmit and distribute electricity and gas. 

The UK Electricity Transmission segment offer construction work and electricity transmission services in England and Wales. 

In the meantime, the UK Electricity distribution segment offers electricity distribution services in England.

Most importantly, the UK Electricity System Operator segment deals with the balancing process of supply and demand.

Last but not least, The New England and New York Segment offer electricity and gas distribution and transmission services, respectively, in New England and New York.

It also engages in several activities, such as leasing and selling commercial property in the UK. 

This company started in 1990 and is based in London, the United Kingdom.

SSE plcSSE plc

(Forward Annual Dividend Yield- 5.72%)

  • Company name- SSE plc
  • Ticker symbol- SSE.L
  • Price – £14.99
  • Sector-Utilities
  • Industry-Utilities- Diversified

SSE PLC is involved in the task of production and distribution of electricity. 

The company generates electricity from water, gas, coal, oil, and multi-fuel. 

An estimate of 3.8 million homes and businesses across the north of the central belt of Scotland and central southern England receive electricity via the company.

Also, SSE PLC operates high-voltage electricity transmission systems in the north of Scotland and remote islands.

In addition, the company offers a list of services such as gas, telecommunication, and insurance.

SSE PLC began in 1989 and is based in Perth, the United Kingdom.

ContourGlobal plcContourGlobal plc

(Forward Annual Dividend Yield- 5.78%)

  • Company name- ContourGlobal plc 
  • Ticker symbol- GLO.L
  • Price – £2.52
  • Sector-Utilities
  • Industry-Utilities- Regulated Electricity

ContourGlobal plc deals with wholesale power generation businesses. 

This company generates renewable electricity from sources such as hydro, solar, wind, and biogas.

It further generates thermal electricity from gas, coal, and oil. 

The company operates 138 thermal and renewable power plants. 

ContourGlobal plc began in 2005 and is based in London, the United Kingdom. 


This was the list of the top 10 highest dividend stocks in the Utilities Sector. This was made to give you some inspiration for companies in this grouping that you can now do your due diligence on. Just looking for a high yield is not enough for it to be a candidate for your portfolio, but it can be a great starting point for narrowing down your watchlist.

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