Top Ten Highest Dividend Yield in the Consumer Defensive Sector

This article will examine the Top 10 highest Dividend Stocks In The Consumer Defensive Sector. It will identify each of the companies on the list so you can find them for your further research, give a brief description of the company itself.

The Consumer Defence is one of the most likely sectors to find natural dividend payers in, I would probably rank it as the third best of all the sectors behind utilities and Real estate or REITs. The issue is that everyone knows they are good for dividends and it’s harder to find a bargain in this sector so to get the truly high ones you have to look at the sin-stock type of companies that other people turn their nose up at.

There are a few of these types of companies on this list and it’s your own discretion whether you feel morally comfortable investing in them. One thing to consider is that the list is in ascending dividend size order, not a rating by quality. The verdict is not necessarily a recommendation to buy for your portfolio, as you will likely have your financial situation. Welcome to ask questions in the comments about how you can get more information on any of these.

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Tesco PLCTesco PLC

(Forward Annual Dividend Yield- 4.10%)


  • Company name- Tesco PLC
  • Ticker symbol- TSCO.L
  • Price – £2.52
  • Sector-Consumer Defensive
  • Industry- Grocery Stores

Tesco PLC deals with retailing and retail banking activities. 

It provides food products through an estimated 4,752 stores in the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, and several European countries. They also sell online. 

This company does food and drink wholesaling activities. 

Furthermore, it offers banking and insurance services in the United Kingdom. 

Tesco PLC operates a chain of one-stop convenience stores and provides services in data science, technology, software, and consultancy. 

The company was established in 1919 and is based in Welwyn Garden City, United Kingdom.

The Kraft Heinz CompanyThe Kraft Heinz Company

(Forward Annual Dividend Yield- 4.17%)

  • Company name-  The Kraft Heinz Company
  • Ticker symbol- KHC
  • Price – $38.01
  • Sector-Consumer Defensive
  • Industry- Packaged Foods

The Kraft Heinz Company supplies food and beverage products globally. 

Its products mainly include grocery products. 

The company also offers dressings, healthy snacks, spices, and other seasonings. 

It sells its products through various retailers such as grocery stores, convenience stores, and hotels.


They further sell online through various e-commerce platforms and retailers. 

The Kraft Heinz Company began in 1869 and is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

M.P. Evans Group PLCM.P. Evans Group PLC

(Forward Annual Dividend Yield- 4.28%)

  • Company name-  M.P. Evans Group PLC 
  • Ticker symbol- MPE.L
  • Price -£ 8.00
  • Sector-Consumer Defensive
  • Industry- Farm Products

M.P. Evans Group PLC is involved in oil palm plantations in Indonesia. 

The company produces crude palm oil and palm kernels.

It is also involved in several other ventures, such as property development and the provision of management consultancy services.

This company owns 39,800 hectares of oil palm plantations in Indonesia; and 12,800 hectares of associated smallholder oil palm.

M.P. Evans Group PLC started in 1981 and is based in Tunbridge, Wells, United Kingdom.

Devro plcDevro plc

(Forward Annual Dividend Yield- 4.72%)

  • Company name-  Devro plc
  • Ticker symbol- DVO.L
  • Price -£1.86
  • Sector-Consumer Defensive
  • Industry- Packaged Foods

Devro plc offers collagen casings mainly in the United Kingdom.

It offers various casings to produce sausages and other meat products. 

The company sells its products to food manufacturers through distributors and agents.

It operates over many continents of the world.

 Devro plc began in 1991 and is headquartered in Chryston, the United Kingdom.

Philip Morris International Inc.Philip Morris International Inc.

(Forward Annual Dividend Yield- 5.18%)

  • Company name- Philip Morris International Inc
  • Ticker symbol- PM
  • Price – $95.97
  • Sector-Consumer Defensive
  • Industry- Tobacco

Philip Morris International Inc. functions as a  tobacco company. 

Its products include cigarettes, smoke-free, and oral nicotine products sold in markets outside the United States. 

The company makes its smoke-free products available under brands such as HEETS Dimensions, HEETS Marlboro and Parliament HeatSticks.

This company owns several cigarette brands, such as Sampoerna U in Indonesia; and Fortune and Jackpot in the Philippines. 

It sells its products in 71 markets. 

Philip Morris International Inc. was established in 1987 and is based in New York, New York.

J Sainsbury plcJ Sainsbury plc

(Forward Annual Dividend Yield- 6.09%)

  • Company name- J Sainsbury plc
  • Ticker symbol- SBRY.L
  • Price – £2.02
  • Sector-Consumer Defensive
  • Industry- Grocery Stores

J Sainsbury plc involves retailing food, general merchandise, and clothing and financial services activities in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

It runs online grocery and general merchandise operations. 

This company owns 598 supermarkets, 809 convenience stores, 728 Argos stores, 335 collection points, and 3 Habitat stores. 

Additionally, it offers financial services in credit cards, scorecards, personal loans, and insurance products. 

The company was established in 1869 and is based in London, United Kingdom.

B&M European Value Retail S.A.B&M European Value Retail S.A.

(Forward Annual Dividend Yield- 6.13%)

  • Company name- B&M European Value Retail S.A.
  • Ticker symbol- BME.L
  • Price – £3.69
  • Sector-Consumer Defensive
  • Industry- Discount Stores

B&M European Value Retail S.A. owns general merchandise and grocery stores. 

The company operates a network of 1021 stores in the United Kingdom; and 107 stores under the B&M brand in France.

Furthermore, it provides employment and property management services. 

This company began in 1978 and is headquartered in Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

British American TobaccoBritish American Tobacco

(Forward Annual  Dividend Yield- 6.29%)

  • Company name- British American Tobacco p.l.c.
  • Ticker symbol- BATS.L
  • Price – £34.62
  • Sector-Consumer Defensive
  • Industry- Tobacco

British American Tobacco PLC supplies tobacco and nicotine products to consumers worldwide. 

The company offers modern oral nicotine products, burnable products, and traditional oral products, such as snus and moist snuff. 

This company offers its products under several famous brands such as  Kent, Dunhill, and Lucky. 

British American Tobacco p.l.c. was established in 1902 and is based in London, United Kingdom.

Imperial Brands PLCImperial Brands PLC

(Forward Annual Dividend Yield- 7.39%)

  •               Company name- Imperial Brands PLC
  •         Ticker symbol- IMB.L
  •         Price – £18.77
  •         Sector- Consumer Defensive
  •         Industry- Tobacco

Imperial Brands PLC supplies tobacco and tobacco-related products on all continents.

This company offers a variety of tobacco and next-generation products (NGP) and non-tobacco and NGP products to manufacturers.

It sells its products under several brands, such as Davidoff, Gauloises, JPS, West, and  L&B.

The company is also involved in several other ventures, such as managing a golf course, printing and publishing, and advertising.

Imperial Brands PLC  was founded in 1901 and is based in Bristol, the United Kingdom.

Altria GroupAltria Group

(Forward Annual Dividend Yield- 8.20%)

  • Company name- Altria Group, Inc. 
  • Ticker symbol- MO
  • Price – $45.78
  • Sector-Consumer Defensive
  • Industry- Tobacco

Altria Group, Inc. supplies smokable and oral tobacco products in the United States. 

The company provides cigarettes, pipe tobacco, and moist smokeless tobacco under brands such as Marlboro, Black & Mild, and Copenhagen.

This company sells its tobacco products mainly to wholesalers, including distributors.

Altria Group, Inc. was founded in 1822 and is based in Richmond, Virginia.

Highest Dividend Yield in the Consumer Defensive Sector

This was the list of the Top 10 highest Dividend Stocks In The Consumer Defensive Sector. This was made to give you some inspiration for companies in this grouping that you can now do your due diligence on. Just looking for a high yield is not enough for it to be a candidate for your portfolio, but it can be a great starting point that you can start to narrow down your watchlist.

We have lots of resources to help you decide if a dividend stock is right for you and videos that can give you more inspiration for other categories.

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