Where do I buy dividend stocks?

There are two basic ways to trade dividend stocks;

  • Buying individual dividend stocks
  • Buying mutual funds like index funds or exchange-traded funds that hold dividend equities.

Many would-be investors are thinking about taking their first step with the question of where do I buy dividend stocks because the global stock markets are now unstable in light of the coronavirus outbreak. 

This article can clarify how to invest in dividend stocks even if we don’t have a magic wand to foretell how the stock market will perform over time.

Every investment should be thought of as being long-term. Your assets’ value may increase or decrease, and you might not earn back as much as you put in. Future outcomes cannot be predicted based on previous performance.

From this article, you may have a clear idea of

  • What is dividend stock?
  • Why buy high dividend stocks now?
  • Where do I buy dividend stocks?
  • What is the dividend yield?
  • How to buy UK dividend stocks


What is dividend stock?

When you buy many shares in a firm, you purchase a part of that company, making you a part-owner. As a stockholder, you are then eligible to receive a portion of the profits of that business, which are paid out as dividends.

As a result, dividend stocks are those that pay the investors who purchased them.

Dividend stocks may generate income for owners in two ways: by paying out dividends and by appreciating over time.

Why buy high dividend stocks now?

While all investments are dangerous, the risk-return ratio can be lowered by holding shares in high-dividend firms.

In the FTSE 100, all the dividend-paying stocks featured are large-size companies. They have reliable revenue sources that provide a fair amount of protection from economic downturns. The COVID-19 outbreak destroyed specific “consumer discretionary” industries.

Such as the entertainment industry, yet individuals didn’t cancel their Vodafone or Aviva property insurance agreements.

All equities lose value when the market crashes because of the ensuing panic. Although the stock values of dividend stocks fell along with the rest of the market, dividend buyers saw price declines as chances to buy. It enables them to enter trades at a discount and raises their yield ratio.

Where do I buy dividend stocks?

It would make investors happy to know they are seeking the appropriate spot if they search for high dividend-paying stocks in the UK.

If you have a question, where do I buy dividend stocks? These are the highest-ranked dividend stocks in 2022.

The FTSE 100 is jam-packed with dividend-paying banks, energy corporations, and major manufacturers. The index’s 100 companies are considered safe investments since they produce profits and pay dividends to their shareholders. The average dividend yield for the FTSE 100, which includes all 100 participants, is 2.83%.


This London-based investment management firm makes bond, real estate, and equity investments using its funds. It has been making wise investments in certain assets and giving financial returns to its stockholders for almost 80 years.

Evraz is a miner and iron manufacturing firm. Although listed on the LSE, Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, who also runs Chelsea football club, owns most of the company’s shares. Ranking as one of the top UK dividend companies implies Mr. Abramovich is more than OK with the situation, which increases the likelihood that dividend payments will continue.

Imperial Brands, before Imperial Tobacco, is an FTSE 100 tobacco and cigarette producer with its headquarters in the UK. It is regarded as one of the most excellent dividend-paying stocks in the FTSE 100 and has a lengthy history of paying shareholders back.

With more than 33 million clients globally, insurance behemoth Aviva has long ranked among the top UK dividend-paying stocks. Following a recent leadership shake-up, the company may invest some of its extra funds in investment projects rather than stockholders, although this decision should be profitable.

Five hundred million people are clients of the fourth-largest mobile provider in the world. It ranks among the biggest FTSE 100 corporations. While always seeking to increase its market share, it has no problems paying out excess cash to its stockholders as opposed to keeping it on the financial statements.

One of the largest mining companies in the world is Rio Tinto. Although it may not have the same high reputation for high yield as many other stocks on the list, it was included since it provides a little bit more spice. Depending on how the forecast for the global economy changes, the price of mining stocks may fluctuate. A strong economy would be fantastic for the cost of Rio Tinto’s shares, but even without it, the +5% dividend return is still better than what you can get from a savings account.

If you are interested in high dividend stocks, check out our article on the top 20 high dividend stocks in the UK.

Top 20 High Dividend Stocks In The UK Stock Market

What is the dividend yield?

The financial analysis, known as “dividend yield,” assesses the number of cash dividends paid to stockholders about the stock rate in the market. It is computed by multiplying the outcome by 100 and dividing the dividend per share by the per-share market value.

This is a beautiful tool to check the dividends different firms offer, but much like stock prices, this also fluctuates.

How to buy UK dividend stocks

  1. Decide on an online trading platform for stock trading.
  2. Create an account. You must submit private information, including your ID, bank account information, and national insurance number.
  3. Verify your payment information. Your trading account must be funded using a money transfer, direct debit, or credit card.
  4. Do your homework before purchasing the stock. Investigate the business more if you’re interested in buying stock in it, and use your new account to look up the performance of its shares in the past.
  5. Look for the stock code of the shares you want to buy on the site. This is required to purchase the shares.
  6. Buy your shares using an internet marketplace. It’s that easy.

Bottom Line

Do you struggle with the question of where do I buy dividend stocks? Here is the answer. There are two basic ways to trade dividend stocks. Buying individual dividend stocks or purchasing mutual funds like index funds or exchange-traded funds that hold dividend equities. Although the market for dividend stocks may not be the most exciting to trade in, history demonstrates that it is difficult to top dividend stocks with consistent returns. Setting up an account with an internet broker and beginning to buy high dividend stocks takes a few minutes. It could be beneficial in terms of enabling you to relax later and take pleasure in the long-term benefits.


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