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Budgeting & Stocks Google Sheet

Budgeting & Stocks Google Sheet V2

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Budgeting & Stocks Google Sheet

Here we have a fantastic Google sheet which can help you sort your finances out.

This document has a total of 7 sheets available and all work together to give you an in-depth insight into your finances.

Once you open the link, make a copy to create your own personal sheet.
If on mobile this can be done through the share & export button.

*members only download

Features of this document
1. Overview sheet
This is where you'll be able to see your total income, expenses, historical active income, total passive, forward dividend income (from stocks) and infographics about your portfolio. All this data is pulled from filling out all the other sheets. Having all this info in one place makes it easy to see your financial status.

*V2 of this spreadsheet has added in a historical dividend income graph, there you can view your ever increasing dividend income against previous years. On top of that we have added a Safe Withdrawal Rate (SWR) calculator (middle of screen). This has been implemented by taking your total expenses (from expense sheet) and by taking your accounts value, the total of GIA, ISA, LISA, SIPP & WPP, you can set the SWR to as please and have a visual of how close you are to covering your bills with the all liquid accounts.

2. Income (monthly)
Use this spreadsheet to track the current year's income. There are many fields you can track your income sources. The sources are: Wage (active income), Interest (saving accounts), dividends (stocks), rental income & side hustles.
In each you can input each source for example you sell eBooks and do surveys as a side hustle, you can separate these in such a field.

3. Income (historical)
Income (historical) is very similar to the Income (monthly) but tracks over the years. Currently its set up to track from 2020 to 2024. This is so you can compare previous years easily and the data for active income is used in the overview sheet.

4. Expenses
With this sheet you can track all expenses, these are broken down into household, personal and saving/investments. It is set up so that you can input your estimated bills for the month and allows you to track each month so you know you haven't gone over budget. Tick boxes are there for a visual if needed to see if you have paid a bill/ a bill has came out the account. A notes section also allows you to keep a visual of what account it comes out of for example or to write the date such bills normally come out.

5. Net worth & Fire
This sheet is brilliant for calculating your net worth - which is assets - liabilities. The F.I.R.E section takes your current net worth of liquid assets and the monthly savings (which you've set in expenses), the years till FI and average growth rate of the market. After collecting all this data the spreadsheet can give you an estimated portfolio value based on average growth rate.

You can input a safe withdrawal rate (SWR) and will give you an estimated yearly income based on projected portfolio value.

6. Dividend Sheet
If you are a dividend investor and like to track your dividend pay-outs then this is a great sheet for you! This sheet takes the stock name and QTY of stocks from the stock portfolio sheet. All you have to do is input the monetary pay-out in the month and put the correct formula to calculate the pay-out.

If a UK investor then it is fairly simple to calculate. If the stocks are US then the formula is provided. Once filled out the stock sheet can calculate a forward grand total and break the amount down into income over time, this includes Month, week, day and hour.

7. Stock Portfolio
This is an in depth stock portfolio sheet which implements a lot of google finance and yahoo finance formulas. Input the ticker of your stock and the sheet shall pull the name itself*.

You can put the specific sector the stock is in and this data will be pulled into the overview sheet so you can see if you are heavy in a specific sector. Input your average on a stock and it can show you the total gain or loss.

For this if the stock is US then you have to use the tick box to get the correct data.

Another bonus of the sheet is the ex dividend data and pay date section which can help you see when your next pay-out could be coming or you have an opportunity to average into a position and build upon your dividend.

*If UK stocks you may have to put LON:
Note: sheet sometimes struggles to pull funds and ETFs.

All of this is free to our Sensible Investors to use at their will.
We hope this resource will help many
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Cant believe how much you can get from this sheet and its all free.
I love the stock and dividend sheet to keep track of my dividends and seeing on the over view page the weightings of each position.
Hi guys

Great spreadsheet. Everything works for me except for annual dividend and anything right of that, yield etc. Do I need to tweak the formula at all? I’m using on Google sheets. Thanks

I tried to make a similar doc to track my dividends payment recently and let's just say I am binning that one.

Great doc, now just need to ensure I don't break the formulas when I edit it
Smart Finance
Smart Finance
I glad you like the spreadsheet. This is one i personally use so any major changes i update it on the site. I love to try and provide value so enjoy! If you need any help or have any suggestions of improvements drop me a message.