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Stock Portfolio Google Sheet

Stock Portfolio Google Sheet 2021-04-05

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Stock Portfolio Google Sheet

Here we have a fantastic Google sheet which can help view your portfolio.

This is a simple portfolio tracking sheet consisting of 3 sheets.

Once you open the link, make a copy to create your own personal sheet.
If on mobile this can be done through the share & export button.
*members only download

Features of this document

1. Overview sheet

This is where you'll be able to see Current portfolio value, your holdings & percentage they take up of your portfolio compared to other positions, your forward estimated dividend per month and your percentage of each sector you've invested into. All this data is pulled from filling out all the other sheets. Having all this info in one place makes it easy to see your portfolio.

You can also edit the amount of shares you have in the stock portfolio sheet to see the effect if buying more shares would have on your portfolio.


2. Dividend Sheet
If you are a dividend investor and like to track your dividend pay-outs then this is a great sheet for you! This sheet takes the stock name and QTY of stocks from the stock portfolio sheet. All you have to do is input the monetary pay-out in the month and put the correct formula to calculate the pay-out.

If a UK investor then it is fairly simple to calculate. If the stocks are US then the formula is provided. Once filled out the stock sheet can calculate a forward grand total and break the amount down into income over time, this includes Month, week, day and hour.

SP-dividend sheet.png

3. Stock Portfolio
This is an in depth stock portfolio sheet which implements a lot of google finance and yahoo finance formulas. Input the ticker of your stock and the sheet shall pull the name itself*.

You can put the specific sector the stock is in and this data will be pulled into the overview sheet so you can see if you are heavy in a specific sector. Input your average on a stock and it can show you the total gain or loss.

For this if the stock is US then you have to use the tick box to get the correct data.

Another bonus of the sheet is the ex dividend data and pay date section which can help you see when your next pay-out could be coming or you have an opportunity to average into a position and build upon your dividend.

SP-Stock portfolio.png

*If UK stocks you may have to put LON:
Note: sheet sometimes struggles to pull funds and ETFs.

All of this is free to our Sensible Investors to use at their will.
We hope this resource will help many
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Just started my investing journey and this simple spreadsheet has helped me view my portfolio clearly and can look at it on the go from my phone or laptop when at home.