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$25 of Bitcoin when you sign up to Nexo and deposit the equivalent of $100 (you can deposit GBP and withdraw your bonus in GBP)


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Nov 5, 2021
Nexo is the world's largest lending institution in the digital finance industry and this is a really easy offer to complete.

**You don’t need to buy any crypto** - Nexo accept GBP so you can just deposit £76 using a normal bank transfer and then withdraw your GBP after 30 days along with your Bitcoin bonus.

It is free to deposit & withdraw GBP and buy & sell crypto. It is also free to deposit crypto. Nexo has four loyalty tiers, the base tier gives you one free crypto withdrawal per calendar month (so you will not pay any fee to withdraw crypto if you deposit crypto for this offer).


**You must use a browser to sign up - the referral program is not available using the Nexo app**.

1. Click on my referral link - https://nexo.io/ref/ovxkimige7?src=web-link then sign up and verify your email address.

2. Click Profile/ Basic Verification and complete details (mobile number/ photo ID). **You must then complete Advanced Verification (driving licence /passport) otherwise you will not be eligible for the bonus**.

3. Deposit GBP - click Account, scroll to GBP, click Top up. Obtain Nexo’s bank payments details and pay Nexo $100 worth in GBP (approx £76 to cover exchange fluctuations) from your bank. Remember to enter the payment reference that Nexo give you when paying from your bank. Your $25 bonus is immediately added to your account (your bonus should be showing as pending under Transaction within a day).

4. After 30 days you can withdraw your deposit and your $25 of Bitcoin.

If you want to withdraw your $25 of Bitcoin as GBP instead, Nexo's minimum trade is $30. So buy $30 USD worth of Bitcoin then sell your $55 of Bitcoin for GBP (Nexo has a BTC-GBP pair). You can then withdraw your deposit and your bonus back to your GB bank.
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