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Over half of UK women lack investment experience, according to a recent study


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Jul 27, 2021
This sadly doesn't surprise me as the survey found 65% of women in the UK admitted to being beginners in investing without any prior investment experience. Really we all have to start somewhere and historically women have been more sceptical of investing.

Interestingly the survey also revealed that 29% of females have traded in stocks versus 47% of men.

"Answering why they were not trading online, 52% of female respondents said they were not interested in trading shares and stocks online because they lacked adequate knowledge. In comparison, 58% of women said it was precarious. Additionally, 22% of women said they were afraid of high charges for trading online."

This survey really reveals that women are more inclined and disciplined when it comes to saving.

"when asked how they would invest £1000, more women than men said they would save it (41% women vs 31% men) or invest it in an ISA (30% women vs 28% men)."