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Side Hustle Ideas - The No Loss Lottery


Rookie Investor
Mar 15, 2021
London, United Kingdom
In a previous post I hinted at 2 No Loss ways to get some of that Lottery Money.

The 2 I know of are:

Everup: A savings platform that rewards your savings habits with coins and free Lottery tickets in their daily and weekly draws.

2nd platform is the popular Premium Bonds. While I recently cashed out of my Premium Bonds to pursue other Investments I know some lucky people who have won back to back on there.

The good thing about these 2 platforms is:

- You get access to these lucky dips without losing any of your cash

- Winnings are tax free.

Everup is currently offering a £7 sign up bonus if you sign up via my referral when you open a cash account with this link:


The Dividend Experiment

Staff member
Feb 23, 2021
I love the idea of a no-loss lottery, it's how I treat premium bonds along with being my emergency fund too in a sense.

Is Everup just for people in the UK or what's the geographic?