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Smart Portfolio - 03/09/21 - £55.38 Value

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Feb 23, 2021
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The Smart Portfolio utilises a strategy called Core and Satellite. The aim is to use an ETF as the majority of the portfolio (Core) to reduce the beta and individual stocks (Satellites) to improve the chances to BEAT the overall market.​

Portfolio ValuePortfolio change %
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Latest stock purchase​

This week made two purchases with the £5 deposited into the account. After this weeks news of Mastercard (MA) receiving a £10 billion class action in the UK it dipped around 1.6% along side Global Payment Network (GPN) which also dipped 2.41% yesterday. Taking advantage of both these dips i bought 0.01 shares of MA and 0.02 shares of GPN. This now has increased both the weightings of these positions to over weight with both now representing around 8% of the portfolio.

This weeks changes​

Out of our 10 holdings only 3 are currently in the red them being: Microsoft (MSFT), Mastercard (MA) & Global Payment Network (GPN).
Our largest gain comes from ASML Holdings (ASML) with a 5.60% gain and our largest loss is Global Payment Network with a -2.22% loss.

Portfolio Update​

StockTicker% of PortfolioAct. % of PortfolioGain/Loss (%)
Vanguard FTSE All-world UCITSVWRL6054.691%
Microsoft CorporationMSFT65.38-0.67%
Amazon.com IncAMZN65.613.67%
Mastercard IncorporatedMA58.83-2.20%
UnitedHealth Group Inc.UNH54.550.80%
ASML HoldingASML54.775.60%
Oracle CorporationORCL43.63%0.50%
S&P Global Inc.SPGI47.94-2.22%
Global Payments Inc.GPN32.78%2.67%
The Walt Disney CompanyDIS21.82%1.00%

Some of the news coming out about stocks within the portfolio.​

Here is why you should hold on to Global Payment Network (GPN) stock
GPN has a Zacks Rank #3 which indicates a hold. The stock has lost 7% this year but the industry and business services has seen a decline of 9.4% and 22.1% respectively. Though there has been such a decline and a current ranking of hold, GPN indicates a 2021 earnings growth of 27.5% from prior-years figures with revenue suggests improvements of 14.4%.

Amazon donates over 140,000 emergency aid supplies to communities after Hurricane Ida
Amazon announced that the rapid delivery of over 140,000 relief items from its Disaster Relief Hub to help communities recover as quickly as possible. Amazon employees loaded trucks and transported supplies less than 72 hours after Hurricane Ida's landfall. The supplies were delivered to Save the Children which will distribute relief items directly to people in the impacted areas.

Mastercard faces UK's largest Class Action over fees
Potentially a £10 billion class action due to Mastercard handing down excessive "interchange" fees to customers between 1992 and 2008.

UnitedHealth Group (UNH) arm wins medical contract in Nevada
UnitedHealth Group has been chosen as one of four managed care organisations to administer the state of Nevada's Medicaid program in the counties of Clark and Washoe.
UNH received a 4 year based contact consists of the states temporary assistance for needy families, children's health insurance program and Medicaid expansion programs.

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