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Smart Portfolio - 27/08/21 - £50 Value

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Feb 23, 2021
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The Smart Portfolio utilises a strategy called Core and Satellite. The aim is to use an ETF as the majority of the portfolio (Core) to reduce the beta and individual stocks (Satellites) to improve the chances to BEAT the overall market.
Portfolio ValuePortfolio change %
Trading212 Pie link:

Latest stock purchase​

Due to this being the first week of the Smart Portfolio i am investing the minimum amount into the pie, which is £50.
This £50 is to get the ball rolling with this portfolio and we could look at adding more money going forward in the future. Possibly £50 a month could be a good amount to average up this portfolio and £5 a week put into either one or a variety of stocks held in the portfolio.
The great thing about Trading212 pies is that the £50 at the end of each month will balance out the portfolio. I am also open to potentially adding more positions in the future if we, the community and I, have a high conviction for a specific stock.
Let me know of what ideas we could do with the Smart Portfolio going forward.

This weeks changes​

Portfolio News​

StockTicker% of PortfolioAct. & of PortfolioGain/Loss (%)
Vanguard FTSE All-world UCITSVWRL60600
Microsoft CorporationMSFT65.990
Amazon.com IncAMZN65.990
Mastercard IncorporatedMA55.010
UnitedHealth Group Inc.UNH54.990
ASML HoldingASML550
Oracle CorporationORCL44.010
S&P Global Inc.SPGI43.010
Global Payments Inc.GPN33.990
The Walt Disney CompanyDIS22.010

Starting off the portfolio it is well balanced, over the next week it will be interesting which ones are winners and which ones shall be the losers of the portfolio.

Some of the news coming out about stocks within the portfolio.​

Mastercard removing magnetic strip:
Mastercard (MA) is looking to remove the black magnetic strip on their cards. Personally I have never used the magnetic strip on my cards but for many it has been a “muscle memory” for decades. This will become optional for a few Mastercard credit cards in 2027 and will be completely removed by 2033. The reason for this move is that they are saying it will improve reliability and security for customers and their cards. In the days we live now, increased security is never a bad thing.

Should you buy DIS in spite of new variant:
Even with the new variant coming Disney's theme parks are only just starting to return to profitability. Though their theme parks are a large part of the company, their Disney plus cable and broadcasting is a good money maker for them. Though the parks have struggled over the last year or two with overall operating income at a negative for their Parks, Experiences and Products i believe there is still a good case for DIS.

Big Tech groups work with Biden on new cybersecurity guidelines:
This link is a video of the talk between Biden and big tech. The relevance is Amazon and Microsoft were there and represented which is part of the Smart Portfolio. Microsoft mentioned it will invest $20 billion over the next 5 years building out their cyber security. Amazon is going to make their cybersecurity training materials which they develop for their own employees public.

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